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As the name indicates already, Montgelas raises the claim of something extraordinary. FRANKONIA Eurobau meets these demands in the usual top-class fashion, with the newly constructed office building, which is part of the Premium Property „Montgelas-Park“, in the heart of the Bavarian state capital. In the middle of the renowned Alt-Bogenhausen, directly between the historical buildings of the Federal Fiscal Court and the Mayor's mansion, surrounded by parks, the new complex presents itself as a premiere address for different company headquarters, professional practices, architectural practices, agencies, etc.

Even the huge, two-story foyer, base of the in-house concierge service, differentiates itself as a harmonic, noble entrée. This impression continues on to the different front offices. High-quality materials, numerous, perfectly planned premium equipments, qualify the "Montgelas Park" as one of the most exceptional company headquarters, even for Alt-Bogenhausen. The bright offices, with their French windows, extending al the way to the floor, the impressive height of the rooms, of three meters, two atriums and ceiling lights with lighting strips, offer the ideal setting for constructive work environment. The excellent room climate is ensured by the cooling system, activated by the structural element, the heating ensured by the trench heaters and the external sun protection.

Anyone, who decides in favour of renting an office in the six-storey building complex, with a 500 sqm rooftop terrace space, has the additional advantage of a direct rental from the project developer and owner, FRANKONIA Eurobau. The flexible room distribution and effective use of the space by an axis spacing of 1.35 meter, the state of the art connections available, additional server rooms available, completely furnished tea kitchen, conference rooms on the ground floor, shower rooms in the basement, as well as appropriate parking spaces for cars, SUVs, as well as bicycle parking spaces in the underground parking belonging to the object, are only some of the available amenities. The sizes of the rooms, ranging from 240 to 840 sqm, allow for a structuring of the work space, according to the individual desires of the sophisticated clientele.

All in all, the new complex at „Montgelas Park“ is a prime example of state of the art constructions in the office segment. Not for nothing was the Montgelas Park already awarded with the Gold Label of the variant Core & Shell (LEED C&S) of the Green Building Association „U.S Green Building Council“.



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